Só Tea

So authentic, So delicious, Só Tea

So authentic,
So delicious,
Só Tea

About Us

We are the first bubble tea shop in Zurich’s famous Niederdorf. Located in the old town on a street with artistic atmosphere, we bring a new flavor to the local community. Our logo is inspired by the book The Little Prince, but rather than only having a rose with him, our prince also has a delicious cup of Só Tea bubble tea. We love to connect with our customers and create special drinks for you to enjoy!


We aim to bring our customers authentic and high quality tea, hand made with the finest natural ingredients.

The Grand Boba Taro

Our signature drink “The Grand Boba Taro” combines our fresh, daily made brown sugar tapioca with our homemade creamy taro.

The Classic

Combining cheese foam with fresh tea has become a cultural phenomenon in China, something we want to share with the local community.

Matcha Smoothie

Get a boost of energy with our Matcha milk tea smoothie. Our high quality matcha helps speed up metabolism and makes you feel more alive.

Fruit Tea

Our refreshing fruit teas are the perfect drink for any time of the year. Our fruit selections change from season to season, using local fruits to ensure freshness.

Our large range of beverages changes throughout the year. Come by our shop and try them all!


We source the finest ingredients from all over the world to create the most authentic flavors possible.

High Quality Tea

We source high quality teas from China and Sri Lanka.

Natural Tapioca

Our milk tea uses only the finest natural tapioca.

Cheese Foam

Our creamy cheese foam is made fresh to ensure the best flavour.

Fresh Fruit

We locally source our fruits to ensure freshness.

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